A non-profit organization for “Truth in Israel” has asked Attorney General Elyakim Rubinstein to order an investigation launched against CNN, which the NPO alleges tarnishes Israel’s name and places the lives of Israelis in jeopardy.

In a letter to the attorney general the NPO requested that he take action against the network quickly and order an investigation launched for alleged incitement against the State of Israel and its citizens. According to the NPO, CNN’s decisions are guided by the economic and trade interests that the network has in Arab countries and not by professional criteria, as ought to be the case.

MK Avraham Herschson (Likud) has demanded that CNN broadcasts on Israeli cable and satellite television be stopped in the wake of the report run on Israel Radio’s “Documedia” program that CNN refrained from broadcasting an interview it held with Hen Keinan, whose daughter Sinai and mother Ruti Peled were murdered in the terror attack in Petah Tikva, and instead opted to broadcast an interview with the mother of the suicide bomber.

Jacky Hugi reports: Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and the Arab television network Al-Jazeera have traded barbs. Peres said in an interview to Israel Radio that “that station incites to hatred,” and a senior official in the station dubbed Peres’s statement as “stupid.”

This article ran in Maariv on June 3, 2002