[FBIS Translated Text] The Arab Liberation Front [ALF], in cooperation with the Fatah Movement in Al-Shuyukh, held a reception at the charity society hall in honor of the families of Al-Shuyukh massacre martyrs, during which Iraqi President Saddam Husayn’s grants were distributed.

All the speakers condemned the US aggression against Iraq and the Israeli aggression against Palestine, and called for working for the immediate release of ALF Secretary General Rakad Salim, who was arrested for his activity in honor of the martyrs and wounded. They considered his arrest as well as the arrest of the leaders of Palestinian factions and their strugglers a violation of all international conventions and treaties.

Deputy Abbas Zaki affirmed that the aggression against Palestine and the one against Iraq are the same. He added that the connection between Palestine and Iraq embodied by President Saddam Husayn by word and deed will not be broken and that the Iraq’s pan-Arab program will not be complete without the liberation of Palestine.

Hajj Ratib al-Imlah, ALF leadership member, conveyed the greetings of the front’s secretary general, who is rotting in the occupation’s jail, indicating that Salim trusts us to continue honoring the sons of martyrs. Al-Imlah asserted that Iraq under the leadership of Saddam will not renounce its pan-Arab duties in support of the Palestinian people’s steadfastness.

The Fatah representative in Al-Shuyukh promised the sons of our people, especially the martyrs’ sons, that Fatah, the ALF, and all our factions will continue the path of martyrs until the liberation of the land and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Holy Jerusalem as its capital.

Emotions ran high when the fathers of the martyrs spoke, who, despite the pain, stood up and said that their sons are a gift for the sake of the land of Palestine. They thanked Iraq and its president for their noble support of the sons of Palestine.

At the end of the ceremony, checks for thousands of dollars were given to each family of the martyrs of the Al-Shuyukh massacre that the Israeli forces committed at dawn on 1 September, in which martyrs Hisham, Husam Na’im, and Attiyah al-Halayiqah and Ala al-Ayayidah were killed. [Description of Source: Jerusalem Al-Quds in Arabic — Independent, largest circulation Palestinian newspaper; supports Palestinian Authority and peace process;]

Appeared in Al Quds on 16 November, 2002