“Dear friend,

The following young Israelis are currently in jail for refusal to enlist in the army of occupation, and are being subjected to repeat sentences in a bid to break their spirits:

Yonathan Ben Artzi, 6th sentence, total of 161 days’ jail;

Uri Yaakovi – 6th sentence, total: 133 days

Dror Boimel – 5th sentence, total: 119 days

Yoni Yehezkiel – 4th sentence, 98 days

Haggai Mattar – 3rd sentence, 84 days

Mattan Kaminer – 1st sentence, 28 days;

Noam Bahat – 1st sentence, 28 days;

Hillel Goral – 1st sentence, 28 days;

The following reservists are currently in jail for refusing to serve in the occupied territories:

Ido Harari – 2nd time, 28 days;

Hen Alon – 21 days;

M.G. – 21 days;

Eshel Herzog – 28 days;

Dror Luzatti – 18 days;

Uri Rotloi – 21 days;

Itzik Shabbat – 28 days;

Since the onset of the present intifada, 190 young Israelis have been jailed for refusing to take part in the campaign of repression against the Palestinian people.

Thursday December 19, at 8:00 p.m.,
Zavta (30, Ibn Gvirol Street)
Tel Aviv

Yesh Gvul and the High School Seniors (“Shministim”) join in an evening of solidarity with the refuseniks.

The privilege of saying “NO!”

Please come along and your support for the refuseniks!

Peretz Kidron * Ram Rahat… “