Just after a Palestinian public opinion poll demonstrated once again that the overwhelming majority of the Palestinian public continues to support terror and violence against Israel, Senator Lieberman proclaims that “it is not the Palestinian people who are to blame for the violence of the past two years, but rather Palestinian terrorists.”

Other indications of a serious void in Senator Lieberman’s understanding of the situation:

  • He praises Mubarak’s “death takes an election holiday” efforts to bring about a temporary halt in the murdering of certain Israelis [hunting season would remain open for settlers and soldiers] to help the Labor Party campaign. The absence of any serious Egyptian efforts to close down the flow of terrorists and weapons from Egypt to Gaza via tunnels has no place in his narrative.
  • He calls for a “strong” Palestinian state – when the the last thing the region needs is a “strong” Palestinian state. If he wants a Palestinian state he might talk of a state with a “strong will and determination to prevent terror and violence” but this can be accomplished with a fraction of the security and forces and firepower the PA has today.
  • He calls for more heavy American intervention in the diplomatic process – a sure formula to encourage Palestinian intrasigience as they can sit back and wait for Uncle Sam to deliver Israeli concessions on a silver platter.