Members of the Islamic terrorist group Hamas are shown kneeling shoulder-to-shoulder on top of American and Israeli flags, while proudly displaying a sign written in Arabic that honors an Iraqi suicide bomber who killed several U.S. soldiers.

It’s a disturbing photograph that can be easily accessed on the Internet.

But what might be alarming to many in South County is that the picture,along with a number of opinionated articles,could easily be easily accessed from the Islamic Center of Boca Raton’s Web site.

With three simple clicks of the mouse on the mosque’s Web site,, anyone could view Friday’s “photo of the day” on the Palestine News link, a feature that typically shows an image with subject matter similar to the one described above.

The Palestine News site,also known as “The Palestinian Information Center” contains anti-Israeli material and carries a link to the Hamas Web site

Horowitz is a former researcher with Israel Resource News Agency, now based in Boca Raton