July 2nd, 2003

The Hon. Dr. Dan Kurtzer
US Ambassador to Israel
Fax: (03) 510-8093

Dear Dr. Kurtzer,

For the past three months, I have asked the US government a fundamental question which has generated no response from the US government, despite numerous requests from the US press offices at the US embassy in Tel Aviv, the US consulate in Jerusalem, the White House Press Office, the press office of the National Security Council, and the press office of the US State Department.

That question remains:

What is the reaction of the US to the finalized version of the new Palestinian State Constitution?

Our news agency obtained the ratified Arabic version of the Palestinian State Constitution from the Vatican and obtained verification as to its authenticity from Nabil Shaath, the PA foreign minister who chaired the committee that authored that constitution. That committee’s work was sponsored by the Ford Foundation, the EU and US AID.

The PA State constitution, whose Arabic and English versions appear on the home page of our web site, www.israelbehindthenews.com, fosters a Teheran-style state based on Islamic law, devoid of religious freedom, human rights and civil liberties, while legislating the Palestinian refugee “right of return” to all Arab villages lost in 1948.

That same PA constitution places authority in the hands of its president, not in its prime minister. The current president of the PA is Yassir Arafat, whom the US administration has declared persona non grata.

At a time when the US is considers massive aid to the nascent Palestinian Arab entity, it would seem incumbent on you as the ambassador to Israel here to react to the new Palestinian State Constitution which is slated to guide that entity.

It would seem inappropriate for the US to aid and abet the genesis of a totalitarian Islamic state…

Sincerely Yours,

David Bedein
Bureau Chief
Israel Resource News Agency