[For the past four months, the Israeli media has been reporting that there are increased threats against the life of the Israeli Prime Minister.
Each time our news agency hears of such a threat, we call to the spokesman of the Israeli Prime Minister to verify if this is the case that the PM is indeed under such a threat.
The consistent answer that we have received from the PM office is that there is no such threat.
However, the news reports of these threats have continued, culminating in a resolution taken by the visiting Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations from North America on February 20th, 2005 which condemned “the campaign of threats to the life of the Prime Minister”.
On February 21st, 2005, respected investigative reporter Kalman Liebskind, writing in the Maariv newspaper, revealed that a special intelligence unit of the Israeli police has been spreading threats against the life of Israel’s Prime Minister.]
Here is the translated article in question:
[The term “champagne” is derived from the term that Israeli police intelligence used to describe Avishai Raviv, the intelligence agent who created an extremist group which operated Yigal Amir before the assassination of the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin]

The Police’s Champagne
Ma’ariv, February 21st, 2005
by Kalman Liebeskind

A police intelligence source who is active in extreme right-wing groups in Israel, and who hands over information to the Judea and Samaria police, is himself responsible for printing stickers against the prime minister and against Arabs.

The man, who hands over the information without payment, was also involved in recruiting activists for demonstrations that took place last week during which right-wing extremists blocked traffic intersections.

In recent weeks the man told his associates that he intends to spearhead additional activities of much more violent civil disobedience during the implementation of the disengagement plan, which will begin in five months. According to the plan, government institutions and courts, where security is weak, will be attacked and various places torched in an attempt to keep the police busy and prevent it from properly carrying out the operation of evacuating settlements in the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria.

The activist, who lives over the Green Line, is not acting under the orders of the intelligence coordinator who is in charge of maintaining contact with him, but only gives his handlers information, sometimes partial, about his activities. It is feared that his statements and threats might escalate, in light of his previous activities in a radical right wing movement. Inter alia, in one instance he and several other members bought several pocketknives with the intention of handing them out to settlers during the evacuation. Members of the organization said that the goal was to enable settlers who were arrested by police to cut off the plastic handcuffs easily.

Another activity in which he took major part was the distribution of the sticker reading “Sharon, Lily is waiting for you.” He was also one of those behind the distribution of the Monopoly game whose board contained slogans calling for the expulsion of Arabs and mass riots.

After the appearances of the game and the sticker, the State Attorney’s Office ordered the police to begin investigations of alleged incitement.

Two investigations are still in progress. The Samaria and Judea police did not comment.