IDF Radio reported today that senior security sources advised IDF Radio that in contrast to previous statements by Israeli Government officials that all synagogues would be removed from the Gaza Strip, only “symbolic elements” such are arks and memorial tablets would be removed.

Until now Prime Minister Sharon and others assured the public that the synagogues would be moves so that, among other things, Palestinians would not be able to be pictured celebrating as they destroy them (a repeat of the Palestinian “celebration” rampage in Nablus after Israel abandoned Joseph’s Tomb and the Palestinians began tearing it apart and burning it).

IDF Radio also reported today that the evacuation law is being interpreted as stripping settlers the right to sue the moving companies in addition to the Government for any damage caused to their belongings still remaining on evacuation day.

The following is IMRA’s translation of the relevant section of the law:

30. (A) the State will not be responsible to remove movable property located in the area being evacuated after the evacuation day.

(B) Despite what is said in Subparagraph (A), the State has the right to remove movable property held as movable property that was the property of an Israeli, as defined in Paragraph 23, or of an Israeli body, located in the evacuated area after the evacuation day. If the State removed the said moveable property per this Paragraph, it will do so while taking proper care.

(C) The State will not bear any responsibility for the loss of said movable property per this Paragraph nor for damage caused it, be it removed or not

Dr. Lerner quoted from IDF radio on April 25th, 2005 .