Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Yesterday it was reported in the news [From IDF sources – DB] that Palestinian policemen in Khan Yunis discovered a tunnel leading into Gush Katif and blocked it.

We in Gush Katif can only express our astonishment at such perverted reporting. We know full well that the IDF has been monitoring the progress of the terrorists digging this tunnel for some time now; clearly the intention was to use it for a terrorist attack against a settlement or one of the IDF bases in the area. IDF commanders told the terrorists in police uniforms a number of times that if they will not block up the tunnel the IDF would go in and do it, in order to prevent a murderous attack on Gush Katif.

Yesterday morning the IDF decided to flex its muscles and moved forces into the area where the tunnel is located. The terrorists apparently had good intelligence, and in view of the IDF’s apparent determination to destroy the tunnel the Palestinian Authority announced that it would block it up.

We can only wonder why the spokesmen who reported this insist on praising the very enemy that is doing its best every day to attack Gush Katif, instead of telling the public the truth.

On the other hand, we in Gush Katif are grateful to the IDF which succeeded in bringing about the blocking up of the tunnel and wish it as much success in also stopping the constant mortar fire on the settlements of Gush Katif.

Translated by: S. Michael Guggenheimer