David Bronfman, a member of the famed philanthropic Canadian Jewish family, announced yesterday a $100,000 contribution toward the struggle against the disengagement plan.

During a tour of Neveh Dekalim, the Toronto native, who has previously held a low media profile, said that he hoped his large contribution would “help in the valiant effort of stopping this policy.”

“Ethnic ceansing is deplorable to the rest of the world, but here, it seems acceptable, even commendable, to expel Jews from their homes,” he said at the local cemetery. Bronfman’s late father, Edward, is the first cousin of Edgar Bronfman, president of the World Jewish Congress and a generous supporter of the Israeli left. “It’s really a kidush hashem [sanctity of God’s name] to see all these public figures put their name and time on the line,” he said of the delegation from New York.

Bronfman, who is now visiting Gush Katif for the third time in three years as part of the Hikind mission, said he hoped his donation would not stir resentment within his high-profile and traditionally left-leaning family.

This piece ran in the June 7th edition of HaAretz