GAZA, August 20, 2005, – Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nasser Al-Kidwa, said that the Israeli pullout from Gaza and the evacuation of the colonies is a defeat of the Israel’s project of colonization.

During statements to the representatives of Egyptian media institutions, Al-Kidwa defeated the Israeli allegation that the pulling out is a “painful concession”.

He asserted that the “disengagement” is not an Israeli “concession” stressing the Palestinian National Authority’s (PNA) commitment to the vision of the viable Palestinian state with a full Palestinian sovereignty.

Al-Kidwa affirmed that the Israeli disengagement does not end the fact that Israel is still and occupying power and should shoulder the human and legal responsibilities according to the 4th Geneva Convention.

Minister of Foreign Affairs mentioned to an international consensus saying that any solution of the Palestinian- Israeli conflict should be mounted by two states and a just solution of the issue of refugees, Jerusalem, water resources and borders.

He stressed that such attitude was clearly presented by US President George Bush’s vision, the Road Map plan as well as the UN Security Council Resolution 1515.

Al-Kidwa reiterated that such solution, based on ending the Israeli occupation and establishing a viable- with integrity- Palestinian state.

Regarding the legal status of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank after the Israeli pullout, Al-Kidwa said that Israel did not hide its desire to declare ending its occupation of the Gaza Strip ignoring the principle of integrity of the Occupied Palestinian territory.

Minister of Foreign Affairs concluded by saying the Israel tries to get rid of the international obligations, stressing that as long as Israel control the crossings and borders, it means that it is still an occupying power, according to the international law.