[This news item begs a larger question: Why would the USA provide any finance for a regime that would pioneer any entity that would honor those who conduct cold blooded murder? – db]

The United States has found a new way to combat Palestinian terrorism: it will not extend any financial aid to renovation projects or other construction projects if they are named after terrorists who were killed.

For instance, the Ahmed Yassin educational facility will not receive any American financial support, nor will the Tulkarm municipality, which is fixing up two roads-Rantisi Street and Yihi Ayash Street-unless it changes their names.

This decision was announced by the Palestinian Public Works Minister, Mohammed Shatiye, at a meeting of the umbrella organization of the Palestinian factions in the West Bank.

Naming sites or streets after murderers who were assassinated or suicide bombers who killed themselves is one of the ways of perpetuating the legacy of the shahids on the Palestinian street. There almost isn’t a city on the West Bank that doesn’t have a street named after the Engineer, Yihi Ayash, Ahmed Yassin or others. Soccer teams, public buildings and schools are named after murderers. Naming schools and other educational facilities after suicide-murderers is particularly popular.

It is noteworthy that this American weapon is not particularly effective since mayors in the West Bank and Gaza Strip who were elected on a Hamas ticket have already found alternative sources in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Emirates and Islamic banks to help bankroll urban development projects. [And the Eurpean Union – DB]

This piece ran in Yediot Aharonot on October 9th, 2005