[Dr. Aaron Lerner – IMRA: This illustrates the “genius” of the Road Map. the Palestinians could have a sovereign state covering every last square centimeter Israel is willing to give up and still not agree to giving up on the right of return of refugees to inside Israel. Israel then would face world pressure to “make sacrifices for peace” when it has no chips left on the table.]

Spokesperson of Presidency: We Need Serious Negotiations and Actions not only Words http://wafa.ps/english/body.asp?id=8665

GAZA, November 27, 2006 – Spokesperson of the Presidency, Nabil abu Rdaina, said Monday that any political negotiation with Israel must depend on international legitimacy.

Commenting of Israeli Primer Ehud Olmert’s remarks, abu Rdaina said that “what we need is a serious negotiations and actions not only words”, referring that the we want negotiations based on international legitimacy through implementing Road Map peace plan and Arab peace initiative.

He affirmed that the only way to peace and stability is through establishing a Palestinian independent state with Jerusalem as its capital, implementing the Arab peace initiative and reaching a just solution to the refugees issue based on resolution No.194.