Daily Archives: December 29, 2006

Meeting Senator Senator Arlen Specter After his Visit to Syria

Sen. Arlen Specter met with The Bulletin at his Jerusalem hotel on Thursday morning, and used that occasion to convey a message from Syrian President Bashir Assad, with whom the senator had met with...

Missile Attacks Critically Injure A 13-Year-Old Boy In Israel

--Israel's policy of holding its fire under such a protracted and massive attack is problematic, not only because of considerations of honor or because of the real danger to the lives of the inhabitants of the western Negev. What is grave is that this is a precedent that grinds away the remnants of deterrence that the IDF still had in the eyes of the Arab world and that was critically damaged in the fiasco of the Lebanon War.-- Missile Falls On?Strategic Compound In Ashkelon--A Policy Of Humiliation?--Key Member Of Israeli Knesset Against Egyptian Foreign Minister--A Muslim Assistant Commander In The Israel Police

Sen. Specter Dodgy On Syria Questions

The Bulletin asked the senator about Syrian support of Hezbollah's aim to wipe out the state of Israel. Specter said that he raised concern about Syria's supply of arms to Hezbollah, but that President Assad had denied such support. He added that, when he returns to Washington, he would ask American intelligence sources to confirm if, indeed, Syria continues to supply Hezbollah with weapons.

Middle Eastern Bulletins

--U.S. Questions Saudi Nuclear Program--Attacks On U.S. Troops In Iraq Increase Sharply--U.S. Uses Jordan As Iraq Logistics Base

Childhood Diabetes Increasing In The Wake Of War In Lebanon

--The presumed reason for the increase in the incidence of the disease is the feelings of tension and stress that the children experienced in the war, which caused an outbreak of the disease--Hymn Instead Of Siren To Announce Sabbath--Mossad: Syria Arming Hezbollah Rapidly