Daily Archives: December 5, 2006

Fateh Central Committee Hails Abbas’ Efforts to Form National Unity Gov’t

Fateh Central Committee hailed Monday President Mahmoud Abbas for his true efforts to form a national unity government which are aiming at ending the current crisis faced by the Palestinian people. The Committee held today...

Iraqi Army Seeks To Improve Marksmanship

--Officials said the army would be provided snipers to most units. This would deploy a marksman on a roof to target insurgents and their commanders.The marksmanship course was said to be difficult and selective, demanding the striking of targets at ranges of up to 600 meters. Officials said the majority of students did not complete training, which included a 10-kilometer march as well as firing at pop-up targets.--Palestinian Authority Continued To Smuggle Into Gaza--Saudis Crack Down On al-Qaida--Iran Has $3 Trillion Worth Of Energy