Monthly Archives: December 2006

Commentary: The Warnings of Israeli Intelligence

Israeli Military Intelligence, as reported in the Jerusalem Post, now indicates that, for the past four months, long range missiles and advanced anti-tank missiles have been smuggled to Hezbollah, coming over the border from...

Reviewing The U.N.’s Resolutions Against Israel

--An Israeli Foreign Ministry official said Saturday night, "This is a resolution that adds no positive value to peace in the Middle East. The U.N., which was established in 1946, accepted responsibility immediately for the Israeli-Arab conflict, failed in its mission to bring peace here, among other things, because of unilateral resolutions of this kind. The Palestinians enjoy an automatic majority in the U.N. General Assembly, and every year they pass this resolution." --The U.N.'s Double Standard

Did Condoleezza Rice Commit A Felony By Offering Weapons To A Terror Organization?

"Oh warrior brothers, this is a nation that will never be broken, it is a revolution that will never be defeated. This is a nation that gives an example every day that is imitated...


Late Thursday night, on November 23rd, the people of Sderot were awakened by a missile fired from Gaza hot the mercantile center of Sderot. The news reported "no casualties" and the people of Sderot...

Did Rice Commit A Felony By Offering Weapons To A Terror Organization?

The Bulletin asked the US State Department if Rice would ask Abbas to instruct his security forces to try and stop the rocket attacks and whether Abbas would disarm Al Aksa Brigades. The answer: "No Comment."Despite the assumption that Abbas is too weak to disband the Al Aksa Brigades, Abbas maintains direct control over at least 45,000 members of a dozen or so security forces in the Gaza Strip. This is in addition to thousands of gunmen and activists belonging to the Fatah, which Abbas also chairs. Rice, eager to bring down the Hamas government, also offered on Thursday to continue to arm Abbas and his Fatah party with 6,000 rifles.