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Official: Hamas Is Building An Army In Gaza

"Hamas' operational capabilities keep on improving all the time. Hamas is building a major military force in the Gaza Strip, and this is discernible in its deployment along the fence,"

Islamic Terrorists Planned To Attack Israeli Embassy In Berlin

Members of the Islamic terror cell who were arrested in Germany at the beginning of September had planned, among other things, to carry out a terror attack against the Israeli embassy in Berlin, reported the news weekly Focus.

Olmert’s Strategy For Annapolis Summit Revealed

The Israeli government did not expect to reach any agreement with the Palestinians at the summit and that that the "only thing that would happen there would be declarations,"

Abbas’ Fatah Commits Drive-By Terror Attack

On Wednesday, an off duty IDF soldier from the Israeli Givati Infantry Brigade was badly injured and a civilian was lightly injured in a shooting attack on the trans-Samaria road near the entrance to Ariel.

Incisive Commentary: Time for Action

Posting: October 25, 2007 "Time for Action" As these are serious times, action in the US is called for. And so I ask each of you who is a US citizen to help. Below you will find...


The Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades of the Fatah are defined by both the US and Israeli governments as a terrorist organization, yet both governments ignore that operative legal definition and choose to define the...

Annapolis Summit: Plans Are On, Gaps Remain

The die is cast. The Annapolis summit is on. On Monday, the Israeli Ministry of Finance received Knesset Finance Committee Approval for a $1.5 million budget to cover the Israeli government costs of expenses pertaining...

The Personal Becomes Political: The Attitudinal Prism of Condoleezza Rice

Last week in Jerusalem, U.S. Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, articulated some of her personal views which ultimately found their way into the press. For Dr. Rice the struggle of the Palestinians is analogous...

Israel May Cut Back Supply Of Fuel And Electricity To Gaza

The chairman of the "Citizens for Security of Sderot," Alon Davidi, called on the government, "to begin a large-scale military operation in Gaza and not to make do with a surgical operation."

Annapolis Summit: Plans Are On, Gaps Remain

Committee Approval for a $1.5 million budget to cover the Israeli government costs of expenses pertaining to the Middle East regional summit in Annapolis, Md., scheduled for Nov. 26.