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Hamas Fighters Operate With Advanced Equipment

The Hamas regime has equipped its new army with advanced systems in the war against Israel.

Annapolis Analysis: Trap For Israeli Defense Forces

Declarations at Annapolis for a permanent status arrangement - with target dates, puts the Israeli security establishment in a nearly intolerable situation.

Power Shift To Palestinians?

Questions Raised As Peace Talks Back On Table At Summit

Saudi Initiative Expected To Influence Summit

Israeli government sources said yesterday that a pair of high-level figures are warning the political echelon that the timetable Americans wish to dictate to the Israelis and the Palestinians - reaching a final status arrangement within a year - is dangerous to Israel.

The Annapolis Summit Has Begun

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert arrived in the U.S. yesterday and said that Israel would take a positive view of Syrian participation in the Annapolis conference and negotiations with Syria after the conference if the conditions were ripe.

Palestinian Authority Radio sermon broadcast from Al Aqsa Mosque on November 23rd

No message to the Palestinian people is more genuine than the message delivered in the Arabic language on the official Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation, the PBC, which operates out of the Ramallah headquarters of Palestinian...


Aaron Klein, the Israel Bureau Chief of, says that his agency has obtained the document which will provide the basis for the Annapolis conference. Klein reports that, according to the documnent in his...

On the Jewish Question in Annapolis

Herewith some thoughts about tomorrow's Annapolis peace conference, and the larger problem of how to approach the Israel-Palestine conflict. The first question (one might think it is obvious but apparently not) is, "What is...


Everybody says that his donkey is a horse. There is no tax on words. (Two Arab proverbs) On December 25th 1977, at the very beginning of the negotiations between Israel and Egypt in Ismailia, I had...

Incisive Commentary

Posting: November 18, 2007 "Anyone's Guess" Will the conference be held in Annapolis on November 27? Still possible, but looking less likely. Khaled Abu Toameh is reporting in the Post that PA officials are saying they are...