If it were not so sad and absurd, one might even think of laughing but residents of Hamas-controlled Gaza are now taking legal action against former Gush Katif farmers, seeking compensatory damages for wrongful dismissal.

According to one Gush Katif refugee, Yossi Schwartz, 45, he was served with papers seeking over NIS 500,000 in compensatory damage from former workers in Gaza, claiming they were unjustifiably dismissed and did not receive fair compensation.

For Schwartz, who has not been working since the Sharon administration expelled him from his home, it is no laughing matter. He has been slowly eating away at his compensatory funds, stating that this lawsuit could be the final nail in the coffin for him and his family.

Other former Gush farmers concur, and they are calling on the Sela Disengagement Agency of the government to step in an assist.

In true form, the Sela administration has released a statement that it does not make a habit of becoming involved in disputes between employers and their employees and as such, they will not move here either. In addition, Sela officials stated the Gush Katif residents were fairly compensated, including funds to pay out former employees.

Over 50% of the former Gush Katif farmers, who produced an impressive annual crop as well as significantly contributing to the gross national product, are unemployed since being uprooted from their homes and communities.

Schwartz explains the lawsuit can easily climb to NIS 1 million, adding he just does not have funds. For now, it is difficult enough for him and his family, realizing they must pay for legal fees to combat the suit.