Israel Television Channel Two’s evening news broadcast an item by their
correspondent Suleiman al-Shafi reporting on a Palestinian mother who baked
a cake in Gaza in the hope that her son, who is serving multiple life
sentences, might be released soon. She also baked a cake for the photo op
for Gilad Shalit with the message that both sides have “sons” in captivity.

Following the consistent reporting approach of Suleiman al-Shafi and Israel
Television Channel Two, the report declined to mention what the Palestinian’s
“son” did to land him in an Israeli prison serving multiple life sentences.

It should be noted that Israel does not sentence Palestinians to multiple
life sentences for:

Jay walking.

Rock throwing.

Or even trying to murder many Israelis (under the “if you don’t succeed the
first time try, try, again, approach, the sentences for attempted murder are
only a few years in length).

But apparently the folks at Israel Television Channel Two apparently feel
that news items that feature the relatives of Palestinian terrorist
murderers would not have the desired impact if details of their crimes were
mentioned in the reports.