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U.S. officials skeptical on a demilitarized Palestine,0,3858683.story

Reporting from Washington -- U.S. officials reacted skeptically Monday to an
Israeli proposal that the United States and other world powers guarantee
that a new nation of Palestine remain demilitarized as a condition of its

Background to Obama and Netanyahu Speeches: WHICH ROAD MAP TOWARDS A PALESTINIAN STATE?

For the past six years, the Middle East Road Map, placed on the table of middle
east negotiations by the Bush Administration, has been on the agenda of middle
east negotiations.
The only question question which remains: which Middle East Road map?

Inside I’LAM – Media Center for Arab Palestinians in Israel

I'lam (pronounced E'e'lam): Media Center for Arab Palestinians in Israel is a non-profit, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO number 5803556001 based in Nazareth, Israel. Its aim is to promote civic equality within the public domain and...

UNRWA in Gaza and Terrorist Organizations A Cooperative Relationship

The UNRWA teachers’ union in the Gaza Strip has close to 7,000 members, the civil service sector has about 2,000 and the general UNRWA workers number about 1,500. Elections are held once every three years to...

Israeli Swat Team Kills Wanted Hamas Murderer

Bringing an end to a manhunt that lasted more than 14 years, Israeli commandos killed senior Hamas terror leader Abed Majid Dudin in the southern Hebron hills on Thursday. He planned at least two multiple...