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Trauma: the unreported casualty of war

In the March issue of "Therapy Today", two psychotherapists wrote about the psychological situation of Palestinian

In response, David Bedein reports on the effects of Palestinian rocket fire
on Sderot's residents.

The potency of a right: One can continue waging the argument with the United States over settlements by citing mathematical figures, numbers and formulas on natural growth or natural development, and perhaps doing so is the correct thing, but whoever believes that...

Unanswered Question to JTA: Will JTA portray situation of 550.000 Jews affected by the...

Following President Obama's demand that Israel cease construction in any Jewish comunity beryond the 1949 cease fire lines, the JTA has launched a series of articles on the people affected by this draconian demand . JTA began...

Israel Government Television Channel Two features mother of Palestinian murderer without mentioning crime

[The following news item on Israel Government sponsored TV which plays down Palestinian terrorism provides a sharp contrast with recent official Palestinian TV's glorification of those Palestinian who lynch and murder Israelis.

See: - David Bedein]

American Jews fund anti-Israel organizations

A U.S. organization has been receiving money from perhaps unsuspecting Jewish donors to support blatantly anti-Israel groups. American Jews wishing to donate money to Israeli causes routinely utilize local city Jewish federations as a middleman....

Obama’s Odd Response to Iran

Once, a generation ago, we citizens of the “free world” as we were known then, thought ourselves as conducting our lives under an umbrella. The umbrella had a name that inspired awe and respect,...

Iran: Too close for Comfort for Southern Israel

While the world follows Iran developments from the grandstands of YouTube, the people of southern Israel have had front row seats for some time now. When Iran's protege, Hamas, staged a coup in Gaza that...


Where is everyone? Where did all the people who demonstrated against Israel’s brutality in Operation Cast Lead, in the Second Lebanon War, in Operation Defensive Shield, or even in The Hague, when we were...


There is something hypnotic about the 15th century painting by Hieronymus Bosch, The Ship of Fools. The painting being very small, I used to use a magnifying glass to identify all of the secrets packed...

What is the Basis of the Legal Status of Israel and the Settlements?

[Leaving aside the Divine allocation of the land to
the Jews, it was the determination of the 52 nations of the League of
Nations, based on their historic considerations, that the lands of the
Mandate of Palestine are to be set aside for a homeland for the Jewish
people. The Mandate specifically gives the Jewish people the
continuing right to "unlimited close settlement" of its lands -- the
word "settlement" here is not a dirty word but the very right given
in the Mandate to the activity of building a Jewish homeland.

It is imperative that the rightness of the Jewish cause of building
its homeland be recognized lest Jews come to believe that they are
robbing someone else's national lands -- which is not the case.
Professor Shochetman addresses the misconceptions concerning these
issues as leveled at the time by a radical leftist know nothing. Read
the facts below - David Bedein]