“… of course we do appreciate General Dayton’s work to build capacity over there. But of course much more, a lot more, substantially a lot more can be done by the Palestinians to dismantle the infrastructure – that is to collect illegal arms, to disband and outlaw all the terror organizations.

Nothing has been done in this area, not to mention of course, the incitement, the curriculum and all that. These things are still standing. These are not just demands and expectations that we have. I mean these are commitments that the Palestinians have taken upon themselves.”

Transcript of briefing by Deputy Foreign Minister Ayalon: Mr. Daniel Ayalon Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs 8 July 2009


So it isn’t the image of a girl in a bikini.

Or homosexuals partying in Tel Aviv.

So it doesn’t fit into the “Israel Label” marketing strategy.

But it is important information.

Information that should be out there front and center.

And it isn’t.

In point of fact, Ayalon didn’t even mention the issue in his prepared remarks.

If not for a question from David Bedein in the Q&A portion of the briefing he would never have shared this vital information with the media. And that’s par for the course.

Day in and out the PA leadership and their supporters and Jewish apologists slam Israel and we treat the PA with kid gloves.

“Moderate” Mahmoud Abbas makes no bones that the reason he doesn’t think his troops should be murdering Jews today is that it would be counterproductive – and doesn’t rule out the possibility that should the situation change that they will do just that in the future.

And as far as he is concerned, if Israel captured a terrorist this evening after he murdered twenty Israeli babies in a maternity ward that “freedom fighter” should be among the terrorists he insists Israel should release ASAP. That’s release – not transfer to Palestinian prison.

Go look for this in the official Israeli information campaigns.

Right. It isn’t there.

And don’t think for a moment that anyone is giving us credit for being soft on the PA.

At most they think we are naïve.