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Date: 10/8/2009 Time: 19:08

10-8-2009 Jerusalem WAFA(PLO news agency) – Today was the conclusion of
summer camp ‘know your country’ the UNRWA Shu’fat refugee camp north of the city
of Jerusalem…

Events included the UNRWA camp, which lasted 20 days…mainly targeting the
creation of the first generation of a consciousness and connection to the
homeland, and the just cause, and to affirm the right of return for all
refugees in the homeland and the diaspora.

The summer camp had a series of activities and events carried out by women
in order for the refugee children to identify with the towns and villages
destroyed in 1948 that were overseen by a team of supervisors with the
experience and efficiency.

…we wish to continue in such activities aimed at highlighting the
destroyed Palestinian towns.