A group of Israeli Army reservists has announced that it intends to submit a lawsuit in New York for slander against the Swedish Aftonbladet newspaper for reporting that IDF soldiers trafficked in Palestinian body organs.Heading the group is Attorney Ophir Miller from Tel Aviv, a major in reserves who served in the Paratroopers Brigade reconnaissance unit and is now an instructor in the IDF’s counterterrorism unit. The group intends to sue the reporter who wrote the story, the editor and publisher of the newspaper.

Mr. Miller explained to the Voice Of Israel Radio that the case could therefore be heard in New York since the Swedish paper is also published and distributed there.

Mr. Miller said he spoke to a number of lawyers in Sweden to examine Swedish law on issues relating to such lawsuits.

“The State of Israel must pick up the gauntlet and silence the reporter and the newspaper with a huge lawsuit for injury to the state and its citizens,” said Mr. Miller. “Since the heads of state are busy with requests for apologies, we had no choice but to enlist to submit the lawsuit.”

To establish his claim, Mr.Miller turned to Defense Minister Ehud Barak and to Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman to learn the state’s position and to receive confirmation that the claims of the Swedish newspaper have no basis in reality.

The Swedish newspaper is also being sued by two Swedish civil rights groups, since Swedish law forbids publication of material that will lead to “incitement on the basis of race, ethnicity or religion.”