As I follow the headlines and sound bytes, I have yet to see even ONE public statement from the Israeli government demanding an end to incitement as a core issue. To my point of view, it is the first issue which must be addressed, before any of the others (borders, refugees, Jerusalem, settlements, demilitarization, water) are discussed. Backchannel demands are not enough.

The Israeli government comes accross as tongue tied and tongue-tied on demanding an end to state sanctioned Palestinian incitement of all kinds, especially delegitimization, which still appears to be embedded in Palestinian media, rhetoric, texts and sermons and international public diplomacy. Israeli failure to publicly demand an end to such incitement morphs into a public posture of acquiescience. We already see the adverse effects of such hesitation: Obama, Clinton and Mitchell no longer raise it as a core issue. And failure to demand surveillance of such incitementis the same thing. No agreement on all the other so-called core issues will be worth the paper it is written on without an end to incitement, since incitement promotes intergenerational transmission of the motifs of hate. And if disagreements remain, as they do between all nations, incitement will create the potenrial for fanning terror and violence for generations to come.