MOSCOW, March23, 2011 (WAFA)- President Mahmoud Abbas asserted on Wednesday,
the need of including the recognition of a Palestinian State within the 1967
borders, the full halt of settlement activities during negotiations and the
security issues which could be applied after the declaration of
independence in the Quartet’s statement after its meeting in April 15.

We support the Russian stances concerning the peace process, what they say
in the quartet or in the Security Council and in their meetings with
Netanyahu, he said.

Abbas said in a press conference, during the opening of the new headquarters
of the Palestinian embassy in Moscow, that he discussed with the Russian
President, Dmitry Medvedev, and his Foreign Affairs Minister, Sergei Lavrov,
a set of common issues, particularly the peace process, especially with the
upcoming Quartet’s meeting next month.

In a response to a question about the possibility to meet Israeli Prime
Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, Abbas said, “I have no objection to meet with
Netanyahu, and the proof is that we met three times last September in
Washington, Sharm al- Sheikh and in his house in West Jerusalem.”

He added, “we are peace partners and can meet at any time. If we find a
suitable ground or an international legal ground which everyone is committed
to its peaceful solutions”.