In Gaza, it took Hamas 10 years to threaten Tel- Aviv. How long will it take Hamas to threaten Ben Gurion airport with only 1 Qassam rocket at a range of only 6 KM?

Has any one considered what will happen ‘the day after’ a rocket exploded into Israel’s only international airport?


  1. everything that we can do, we will….we do not know how our national leaders are standing on this issue, it remains to be seen… It is our hope and prayers that they will do something positive for you and us…. we are trying to get the word out…and please know that you have people here who are behind you 100%…we will be writing to the senators and congressmen..thank you forall the info…

  2. Great video for people who do or don’t understand the ramifications of a Palestenian state comprised of a Hamas Terrorist group. This is very much like giving the go ahead of the Mexican Drug Cartel to be part of the Mexican government and request half of Tuscon, Los Angeles, or Dallas as its capital.

  3. This video needs to be played in every Israel Supporters group around the world!
    Let this go viral!

  4. an all out war against where ever it came from all all who sponsored it. it would be the last thing going thru their minds.. wow that shrapnel is really sharp and hot… that is all they will see.. But one can only hope. since it seems with every PM we get one is weaker than the last each wants peace but fails to secure what Israel needs most.. SECURITY.
    for security comes first, then peace. and no amount of words will bring peace.. only strength in the IDF and the government. for that is all ARABS understand. force, strength, domination. when they can hand out maps at the UN and it is void of Israel, that shows the PA`s true colors.. for how can they support such nonsense ?? they have to fly out of an Israeli airport, not a PA airport. same with their tourists. infact there was a campaign to bring in tourists to the lavish hotels on the beaches welcoming them to Palestine… with no mention of Israel, yet not telling anyone they will land in Israel at Ben Gurion AIrport. curious the map they made for the flyer shows no israel. and this is a people who want peace? and we ARE SUPPOSED to try and make peace with a people who will not even make a map with us on it? insane world we live in.

  5. God bless Israel and all those who willingly bow the knee to Him! The world has not yet learned an injustice to one is an injustice to all. Hatred demands submission, and, like quicksand, never willingly releases its victim. For centuries Israel was like an open tomb, barren and lifeless. God has restored his garden and is patiently preparing his permanent earthly residence. He will ultimately remove those who would trample His garden. There are millions of us whose heart beats in unison with you and pray for your eternal peace.


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