In an recorded interview on Sunday, April 18, 2011, with Dr. Aaron Lerner, Director of IMRA, , S’ad Nimr, Director General of the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Detainees & Ex-Detainees, justified the Itamar murders as an “act of resistance against the occupation” and included those who carried out the murders in the PA demand that all Palestinians being detained by Israel be released.


Murderers provide account of Itamar massacre


  1. S’ad Nimir is a sadistic animal and is as guilty as the Palestinian murdering dogs who slit the throats of the Kogel family including the 3 month old baby. He should be held accountable and hunted down by the IDF for incarceration in an Israeli prison.

    As a person of authority in the PA administration he just put his stamp of approval for every sadistic Palestinian killers to murder innocent Israelis including Israeli babies with impunity. His remarks should be taken very seriously by the Israeli government and appropriate action taken against him and the PA.

    This sorry excuse for a man’s atrocious remarks should make people see the Palestinian Authority once and for all for what it is. The Israelis cannot be in a peace partnership with this uncivilized organization. How can the Israeli government be in partnership without justifying the PA’s blatant approval of the murders? It would just be preposturous and beyond belief.


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