1. You need to takeup this issue with Lt Col Allen West, congressman from Florida who will see your point immediately

  2. Very good presentation on the show, David. However, I’m afraid that Israelis are getting tangled up on relatively minor legal issues while neglecting two major ones:

    1) International law that supports Israel’s right to the land based on the League of Nations Agreement, to which the UN is bound.
    2) The fact that the British violated the Mandate, usurped Jewish land and created an Arab state for the Arabs living in Palestine. So there is already a Palestinian State. It’s called Jordan. MK Aryeh Eldad has been raising awareness on this issue and he needs more Israelis to join his effort.

    I’d like to make a further point: While the West and the Israeli government twist themselves into pretzels to create the impression that Fatah and Hamas are fundamentally different, we know better. So why pursue this issue of US/EU money contributions to the PA and thus become part of this deception? Your energies would be better spent if you were to expose Fatah’s pedigree dating back to Nazi Germany and re-affirm, for those who still don’t know, the legal rights of Israel to Yesha under international law (League of Nations).

    You are a very effective advocate, David. Please don’t waste your time on trivialities. Do you realize that all this who-finances-who will become moot if the Israeli government buckles after the PA declaration of Independence and withdraws from Judea and Samaria while Palestine gets taken over by Hamas?

    By the way, Congress is not one bit disturbed by the fact that they are not only financing but militarily fighting on the side of Al Qaeda in Libya! The American government is able to make the most amazing adjustments to their principles.


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