Meeting with Limor Afflalo Sunday morning the 2nd of September, after her family home was hit on Friday at five-fifty in the morning on August 31st, sent me back five years.

Limor describing the Qassam rocket attack on Friday the 31/08/12, photo credit: Noam Bedein, Sderot Media Center

That time, Limor was holding her eight-year old daughter, Ofir, when the qassam rocket fired from Gaza hit their neighbor’s home, seriously wounding the mother.

This time, on Friday, Limor grabbed her four-year old son Yair, asleep on the second floor, and ran for the first-floor bomb shelter. They didn’t even make it down the stairs. Fifteen seconds after the siren ‘color red’ went off, the family’s play room exploded.

Ofir, who today is 13 years old, does her homework and plays on the computer in that playroom.

When this reporter showed up, Limor was a complete a wreck.

She talked of how their lives have changed completely since their home was hit the first time on May 2007. Limor and her children were outside their home one morning during July of 2007 when sirens and explosions started going off. Limor, eight weeks’ pregnant, began to bleed, and miscarried her baby.

At that moment they decided to leave Sderot and move to Ashdod: Yair was born in Ashdod. After enduring Iranian grad missile fire from Hamas-controlled Gaza while living in Ashdod, they returned to their hometown – Sderot.

Children’s toys in the background of the Qassam rocket damage