This morning on IDF Radio, former Shin Bet head and Labor Party MK Ami Ayalon began his live interview by citing his long years of experience in security matters as compared to the security experience of Minister Uzi Landau as the basis for the legitimacy of his views over those of Landau, who interviewed immediately before him on the program. (While minister Landau “only” reached the rank of Major in the IDF, it should be noted that he has served as chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, chairman, Subcommittee for the Control of the IDF, chairman, Joint Committee for the Defense Budget and also as a member of these committees over the years.)

Ayalon, who for years has been active in promoting various programs to create a sovereign Palestinian state, explained that Israel’s security should be based on relying on Palestinian security forces bolstered by international forces.

It is important to note that this was not a comedian impersonating Mr. Ayalon trying to show how out of touch with reality Mr. Ayalon is but instead Ami Ayalon himself.

For some reason, while program anchor Razi Barkai saw fit to spend considerable time probing Minister Landau with questions relating to the logic behind his position, Barkai had no follow up questions for Ayalon but instead asked him his position on the initiative to require a national referendum in the event that an agreement is reached with the Palestinians.

Ami Ayalon responded that Prime Minister Netanyahu “is correct that a decision of this magnitude requires approval by a mnational referendum.”

Unlike Yisrael Beiteinu head Liberman, Minister Landau also said he supports a national referendum.


  1. Apparently it’s not necessary for a comedian to impersonate Mr. Ayalon to demonstrate how out of touch with reality he is. He does it very well by himself. The bigger problem is that a large number of government officials think like he does. And, in fact, lots of citizens do, too. The nation is very split. Each person believes that the "majority" agrees with him, because those that he’s in touch with really do agree with him. But there are people that he doesn’t know or talk with who feel just the opposite. A referendum in the case of a "peace" agreement with the PA is a necessity, but some sanity would be good, too.


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