We have yet to finish licking the wounds of the Shalit deal, and a new insane deal is being hatched. Some 120 terrorist blood-spillers are preparing to pack their bags. According to a list leaked to the Almagor Terror Victims Association, the terrorists slated for release in order to resume peace negotiations with the Palestinians were responsible for the murderous acts that shook Israel in the pre-Oslo days. Most of us remember the names of the victims to this day: Rachel Weiss and her children; soldier David Delarosa; Ofra and Tal Moses of Alfei Menashe; Nissim Toledano; Professor Menachem Stern and many more.

True, many years have past, but as far as we know none of the victims have come back to life. On the bench behind me at synagogue sits Noam Ben-Zvi Klein, the son of one of the victims, and he continues to say Kaddish each year. A female terrorist who took part in the murder was released during the first Netanyahu government, and now Netanyahu is about to release the terror cell’s head gunman.

Even if the terrorist won’t go back to his killing ways, his release will surely encourage more murders. The new generation of terrorists in Judea and Samaria will have further proof that murdering a Jew pays off: You sit in jail for a few years, earn an academic degree and go home.

The State of Israel lacks the mental strength to make these murderers pay the appropriate price for their actions. It is only a matter of time, or a deal or a gesture, before they return to their families in good health.

Israel 2011 released 1,000 dangerous enemies in exchange for one IDF soldier, and Israel 2013 is preparing to release 120 enemies for the right to talk to Mahmoud Abbas.

Such a phenomenon does not exist anywhere else in the world. John Kerry, who is pressuring Netanyahu to release terrorists, represents a country that is not willing to deduct one day from the sentence of the security prisoners it is holding. The Jonathan Pollard case is just one example. The Jewish spy was imprisoned even before Rachel Weiss and her children were burned to death in Jericho, and the Palestinian murderer will most likely go home before he does. Even within the delusional Left you’d be hard pressed to identify a strong belief that any kind of peace can come from this scandal.