The Arab minority has renewed attacks in Iran. The Iranian opposition said Arab insurgents have attacked the Iranian provincial capital of Ahwaz. The opposition said a powerful bomb rocked downtown Ahwaz in mid-August in an attack not reported by Teheran.

“Iranian security forces arrived and sealed off the area of the blast,” an opposition source said.

The bombing marked what the opposition said was a renewal of the Arab insurgency in western Iran near the border with Iraq. The source said support for the Arab insurgency stemmed from Sunni elements in neighboring Iraq as well as the Gulf Cooperation Council.

The opposition said the latest bombing, which took place at a fuel station, resulted in numerous dead and injured. The Arab Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz said it targeted a petrochemical plant in the city.

“We will continue operations against important economic and security targets in Ahwaz to limit the brutal Persian occupation,” the movement said. The Arab opposition said the Teheran regime has been expelling thousands of Arabs from Ahwaz. The sources said IRGC as well as the Basij paramilitary force maintain a large presence in the area.