The United States has launched a project to build a massive bunker for Israel’s military.

The Defense Department has awarded a U.S. company a contract to build a bunker for Israel’s military. The Pentagon awarded a nearly $30 million contract to Oxford Construction of Pennsylvania for a six square kilometer bunker for an unidentified military facility in Israel.

“This is a Foreign Military Sale to Israel and the performance location will be in Israel with funding from fiscal 2013 other authorized funds.” the Pentagon said.

In a statement on Aug. 30, the Pentagon said Oxford, based in Philadelphia, would construct a 6,000 square meter basement. The statement said the basement would be underneath an existing building.

“This contract was a competitive acquisition via the web with three bids received,” the Pentagon said.

Oxford did not provide details of the contract, the second Israeli military underground facility reported over the last year. But in a statement, the company said it has begun working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, assigned to oversee the Israeli project.

The Army Corps of Engineers is helping Israel’s military build underground facilities to protect against missile attacks from Iran, Lebanon and Syria.

The corps oversees Israeli projects for the army, navy and air force that used U.S. military aid, set at $3.2 billion a year.

In 2013, the Army Corps of Engineers issued tenders for a $100 million underground military facility in Israel that matched the description of the latest Pentagon award. The tender said the project called for the installation of elevators, cranes, generators and fire extinguishers.