Campus scenes yesterday at Al-Quds University. The Western-funded university authorities regularly tolerate such Fascist-style displays by students, some of whom have then gone on to attack Jewish civilians. Scroll down below for more photos.

During his press conference in Jerusalem today on the “peace process,” U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry criticized Israel again, but did not place any emphasis at all on the fact that the Palestinian Authority tolerates (and in many cases actively encourages) incitement to kill Jews.

One hopes that U.S. diplomats who subscribe to this list will draw his attention to the shocking photos below.

They were taken yesterday afternoon by a subscriber to this list that I know well and whom was at Al-Quds University yesterday. They were taken on the university campus and it has been confirmed to me that the persons in them are current university students.

(The student demonstration was organized by the Islamic Jihad student faction, but other students at the university joined in.)

On the other side of Jerusalem, Kerry met Israeli PM Netanyahu today

Al-Quds is a Palestinian university in east Jerusalem. It is often hailed as a “liberal” or “moderate” university by western diplomats and journalists.

It was established with the help of Israel in 1984, along with other universities Israel helped set up for Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank with the aim of increasing the educational level of Palestinians.

Academics and students (including, quite possibly, some in these photos) have received and continue to receive grants from European governments, charities and foundations. Al-Quds University is also currently in partnership with liberal (and largely Jewish) institutions in the U.S., including Brandeis University and Bard College.

I would urge you to take a quick look at these photos. These kinds of scenes can be seen regularly at Palestinian universities and elsewhere in the West Bank but Western news organizations strenuously avoid reporting on them.

As long as the Palestinian Authority encourages such demonstrations and the university authorities tolerate them, it is doubtful there can ever be peace between Palestinians and Israelis. Peace which presumably we all want.

I am sure that the president of Al-Quds University, Sari Nusseibeh, who is a relative moderate, as well as one of the university’s founding trustees Saeb Erekat – who is the chief Palestinian negotiator with the Israelis in the current peace talks – don’t exactly approve of these demonstrations by students – if only for PR reasons. But the fact that they are helpless to stop them doesn’t bode well for the future of Israeli-Palestinian co-existence. Nor does it make it easy on campus for those moderate Palestinian students that actually want to foster peace with Israel.

A student parade yesterday at the prestigious Al-Quds University. Students were encouraged to give Hitler-style salutes

The university authorities said that students should not bring their guns on campus, hence the students used fake guns yesterday but real guns outside the university

Palestinian student heroes

Note the map in the photo above shows not the West Bank and Gaza, but all of Israel