“Mom, why are they protesting against Israel? Why do they hate us?” My young children asked as we passed a group of protesters who gather regularly on a corner near their school. After the sad sting of their question subsided I realized I did not have a good answer to give them.

The illogical hatred for the Jew has existed for thousands of years. A tiny minority, Jews have been and are currently libeled for crimes they do not commit. Sadly, anti-Semitism is growing at an alarming rate. The “old” hatred for the Jew is now the “new” hatred against the State of Israel. Israel is under constant fire for being the “evil occupiers.” But in fact hatred of Israel pre-dates occupation.


  1. Israel’s very existence goes against the world’s 2 other Abramic faiths self derived "destinys" . How can the Jews still be here after what we have done to them ? How After 2000 years or overt-covert hate can this 1/2 of 1% of the world’s population find itself thriving against all their self declared enemies? Thus their losing replacement theology demands Jews be objectivized into others labels like dogs, chimps & pigs rather than accept that ones(Christian&muslim) religious ideologies are flawed.Here we come.


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