The weapons cache discovered by security forces in Hebron.
Photo credit: Israel Police Spokesperson’s Department.

Two Palestinian residents of Hebron were arrested on Wednesday evening in a joint operation by the Israel Defense Forces, the Border Police and Israel Police, on suspicion of storing illegal weapons caches in their home.

One of the suspects is in his 20s, while the other is in his 40s.

Among the weapons found by the security forces was an Uzi sub-machine gun, an M-16 assault rifle, a carbine rifle, hand guns, an assortment of some 8,000 bullets, dozens of spare M-16 rifle barrels and two spare sights for attachable grenade launchers.

According to security officials, the confiscated weapons are believed to have been earmarked for terrorist attacks.

The announcement of the arrests came the same day that the Shin Bet announced it had foiled an al-Qaida plot to attack Israeli targets.