TEHRAN (ISNA)- Senior Iranian nuclear negotiator Abbas Araqchi said the country would not ‘dismantle anything’ in its nuclear program.

“Nothing will be stopped or dismantled in Iran’s nuclear program. Anything or activity will press ahead with its activities with its current situation and condition. Only, there is no development,” he said.

He added based on the Geneva deal concluded by Iran and the G5+1 and has taken effect since January 20, Iran has been obliged to stop developing nuclear enrichment and the other side has vowed not to impose new sanctions on Iran.

Araqchi also noted that the country would continue its nuclear enrichment in research and development sectors.

According to Geneva deal, Iran must have suspend enriching uranium up to 20 percent and then have changed it to uranium oxide and uranium with the purity of less than five percent. The G5+1 should lift sanctions in return.

“We have had good achievements on petrochemistry, oil, food stuff and drug, cash and banking transfers as well as release of 4.2 billion dollars of assets which shows the G5+1 has withdrawn from the sanctions on Iran.”

He added Iran’s earnings of oil sale could reach 18 billion dollars over the next 6 months