Netanel Arami

Netanel Arami was a window-washer who plummeted to his death, when both his main cable and backup cable were cut last week in Petah Tikvah.

Although a gag order in Israel is suppressing the case from the local press, Knesset members and the Arami family have gone public, saying the cables were clearly cut by a group of Arab construction workers working in the same building.

Arami leaves behind two children and his wife is expecting a third. “Safety always came first for him,” she told ynet.

Deputy Knesset Speaker Moshe Feiglin reported that Arami’s co-worker “arrived there with the police. They went up to the roof and found the slashed rope, heard the Arabs laughing. A rappelling rope that has been cut looks completely different from one that was worn out. And there are two of them – one main rope and one for security.”

Israeli Police have yet to issue a statement. We will update the story as more facts emerge. Source;