Official Palestinian Authority (PA) social media sites and press are awash with photos and images encouraging drivers to use their cars as terror weapons against Israelis, similar to ramming attacks carried out Wednesday, as well as two weeks ago, in Jerusalem, according to an Israeli media watchdog group.

Four people have died – one an infant – and some 30 civilians and soldiers have been wounded in attacks by Palestinian Hamas and Islamic Jihad-affiliated terrorists, who mowed down pedestrians along the tracks and platforms of Jerusalem’s light rail system.

Both terrorists were shot and killed by Border Police officers at the scene.

PA car terror ads. Image: Twitter.

On Thursday, Fatah, led by PA President Mahmoud Abbas, posted a cartoon on one of their official Facebook pages, encouraging drivers to run down Israelis, Palestinian Media Watch noted:

“Fatah-The Main Page” labeled the cartoon “the run over organization” (a play on words on the Arabic word for “run over” – da’es – and the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State terror organization – Da’esh). The cartoon urges people to “Hit the gas at 199 [km/h] for Al-Aqsa.” The crossed-over traffic sign says “Al-Aqsa,” hinting that Jews are not allowed to enter the Temple Mount. [Facebook, “Fatah – The Main Page,” Nov. 6, 2014]”

“Another post instructs: ‘Run over, friend, run over the foreign settler!’ [Facebook, “Fatah – The Main Page,” Nov. 6, 2014]”

Another Fatah Facebook page, “The National Liberation Movement – Fatah,” posted a cartoon showing a car trying to ram into three fleeing Jews.

Meanwhile, blogger Elder of Ziyon points to Twitter as a creative way to engage new drivers with the “#Drive4AlAqsa” hashtag.