Tehran and Moscow have signed a deal that will see construction of eight new pressurized water reactors in Iran for energy production. Since Russia will provide the fuel for the new reactors, there is no question of proliferation risk related to the deal. Still, some Western governments and Israel are railing against the contract.

This is not surprising. They always try to prevent expansion of technological fields in the developing nations in bid to capture and control the international marketplace of ideas, products and services. Fortunately, history furnishes innumerable proofs of one of its own major laws: The budding future is stronger than the withering past.

This has been amply demonstrated during every major revolution throughout history, the most recent of which has been the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran. The Iranian revolution struggled through to victory over a tangle of US-led threats, sanctions and war – the like of which has never been repeated in any other revolution to date. The country withstood all these pressures and threats, but the struggle rages on.

After the revolution, grounds were paved for Iranian experts to show their capabilities and talents in scientific and technological fields. Authorities provided all the necessary tools, facilities and investments for young scientists and experts to conduct study and research in different fields. Now after 35 years, the country, which was formerly known as an under-developed nation, ranks 10 in the world in many fields.

All this – although a matter of national pride and principle – is in no way desirable for the United States and its cohorts. They have joined forces to stop the country from going any further in terms of development and growth, particularly in nuclear technology. Iran’s superb progress in nuclear technology and uranium enrichment, which became a reality in recent years, has surprised the world – so much so that many experts and politicians had to admit they could not even imagine in their wildest dreams that the country would one day join the international nuclear club.

But Iran did join the nuclear club and it’s the reason why the US and its allies remain dogged to tear down its scientific centers and nuclear facilities, which happen to be perfectly legal and under direct supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency!

Notwithstanding the Western policy, as Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei says, “Iran will never relinquish its nuclear program, as with its many ingenious applications the technology is a promising path to future security.”

What this means is that amid pressures and sanctions Iran will continue the development in nuclear technology and its numerous applications, especially in industry, hydrology, mining, agriculture, food, medicine, science, environment, and space exploration. The technology answers most of the present and future needs, and is an absolute need that no nation can escape from.

After 35 years, Iran is a living example why the development in nuclear technology guarantees a much more stabilized and independent presence and position in international realm than counting on promises of technological ‘aid’ by the West that are never kept.