I quoted a devastating op-ed by Palestinian human rights leader Bassam Eid blasts UNRWA as working against Palestinians, not for them.

While Chris Gunness of UNRWA can try to ignore my many revelations about his organization, he cannot ignore Eid, who is the founder of the founder and director of the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group – and who was kicked out of B’Tselem because he wanted them to look at Palestinian human rights violations.

Gunness went into full meltdown mode on Twitter as he tries mightily to counter Eid’s fully accurate piece.

Since when do op-ed pieces require requesting quotes? Gunness is sounding more like a spoiled child than an official spokesperson.

Gunness doesn’t want to call attention to the author Bassam Eid, whose reputation is quite good. So instead he tries to divert by attacking the Jerusalem Post and its editor, hoping Eid’s article can be tarnished that way.

Really? Because I have proven it, using the actual words on UNRWA websites that support jihad and antisemitism – and I have asked Gunness to respond.

His response? To cover up the evidence and delete the websites.

What a hypocrite.

It is an op-ed. The journalistic standards that op-eds have to abide by are not to lie. They do not have to be balanced. Gunness knows this, and he’s the one lying.

Now Gunness is trying to attack the paper by claiming that it is pro-terror. The hypocrisy is stunning, not only because he is quoting a fringe website to try to associate the paper with terror.

The hypocrisy is because Gunness shows no such problem when his own staff explicitly supports terror. Not just one person, but many of the teachers who UNRWA trusts to teach their children. They supported the massacre of Jewish worshippers in Jerusalem as well as other terror attacks. They admiringly quote Hitler and support his goal of exterminating all Jews.

This isn’t guilt by association as Gunness is trying to smear the Bassam Eid opinion piece with. These are actual UNRWA teachers openly espousing hate, and as we’ve shown, teaching it to the Palestinian children that UNRWA is supposedly supporting.

Gunness cannot bring himself to even mention Bassam Eid’s name in his multi-tweet meltdown. Because he knows that Eid is speaking the truth.

After all, Eid grew up in a UNRWA camp and attended UNRWA schools himself!

Gunness also ignores 99% of the op-ed, focusing only on the “jihadism” charge – which is true nonetheless, as I’ve documented UNRWA websites with stories extolling children who go on jihad missions (after asking their parents – because they are moral). Another website had the phrase “God grant us martyrdom for the sake of Jihad” in another essay. There was a poem at another UNRWA school website about how Zionists “raped” Palestine and how they will return to Jaffa by force of arms, calling Palestine“the land of jihad and martyrdom.”

All of this is documented in the copies I made of now-deleted UNRWA school websites.

Bassam Eid is telling the truth, and Chris Gunness is once again shown to be a liar, defending an organization that is a major cause of hate and incitement in the Middle East.