Israel has disclosed a network loyal to Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and assigned to destabilize Jerusalem.

The Israel Security Agency reported the capture of a cell aligned with the Fatah movement headed by Abbas. ISA said the five-member cell was headed by Marwan Jayousi, a 23-year-old Fatah operative from the Jerusalem neighborhood of A-Tur.

“The investigation revealed that dozens of [Fatah] activists have been involved in the past year, committing acts of violence,” ISA said. “It also emerged that the network was operated in an orderly manner, aiming to damage property, Jewish residents and security forces.”

In a statement on Feb. 9, ISA said the Fatah cell attacked Jews as well as Israeli police with firebombs, pipe bombs and stones. The domestic intelligence agency said Jayousi, arrested in September 2014, supplied Fatah fighters with money and weapons from June 2014 until January 2015.

The alleged cell was said to have played a major role in Palestinian unrest in Jerusalem in the summer of 2014. Officials said the Palestinian Authority, also headed by Abbas, provided a range of support, including legal assistance for those charged with the attacks on Jewish homes in A-Tur.

“The Israeli police will continue to carry out extensive operations in
order to prevent further terrorist attacks, both on residents and police units that patrol all of Jerusalem’s neighborhoods,” Israeli police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld said.

Officials said additional suspects would be indicted on charges of being linked to the Fatah cell. They said Jayousi was aided by another Fatah operative identified as Bahar Al Maghribi.

“He [Al Maghribi] was involved in the production of explosive devices,” ISA said. ​