Background: Does Obama team see nuclear arms race as catalyst for nuclear weapons free Middle East?

Dr. Aaron Lerner Date: 1 March 2015

Does the Obama team see nuclear arms race as catalyst for nuclear weapons free Middle East?

Already early in his first administration, President Obama cited a nuclear weapons free Middle East as a key goal.

The efficacy of such an arrangement wasn’t considered an issue. The question was instead how to achieve the historic event of the signing of an international agreement for a nuclear weapons free Middle East.

Of all the nations in region, Israel stands out as the country preventing this photo opportunity. That’s because Israel simply can’t afford to risk it’s survival on a piece of paper – no matter how impressive the signing ceremony. (Others are happy to sign and cheat).

Which brings us to the nuclear arms race in the region that the pending Iran deal will launch.

Is it possibly that the Obama team cynically believes that a nuclear arms race will force Israel, out of sheer desperation, to agree to a nuclear weapons free Middle East treaty regardless of its efficacy or, frankly speaking, Israel’s need for a deterrent that serves as the ultimate “leveler of the playing field” in the event of a catastrophic attack by combined forces so great that no conventional response is relevant?

This might explain why the Obama team typically doesn’t even go to the trouble of addressing the concerns raised about the nuclear arms race that the Iran deal will precipitate.

So what’s left if they don’t care?

Back to the obvious:

The Iranian leadership professes to believe, as “Twelver Shiites”, that incinerating Israel with nuclear weapons – even if followed up by the incineration of Iran – would be a positive thing because the apocalyptic result would bring the return of the ” Hidden Imam”.

a. The consequence of a nuclear Iran is NOT that the West is deterred from bringing the Iranian regime down – or that the region enters a nuclear arms race – as bad as that is. The consequence is a potential apocalypse.

b. It’s a dangerous exercise in theological hegemony to insist that Twelvers aren’t true believers.

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