Our family has gone through what no one should ever experience.

Our daughter, Dalya, was waiting at a bus stop just south of Jerusalem on her way home from work, and never made it home.

An Arab, Maher al-Hashlamon  crashed his car into Dalya.

He then jumped out of the vehicle and stabbed her to death.

The killer was caught by the IDF soon after.

He confessed to the killing, and was tried and convicted in the cold blooded murder of our daughter.

At the trial, we watched with horror in the court room as the killer smiled with joy and his whole family rejoiced as his sentence was pronounced.

Why the glee?

The PLO has used its administrative arm, the Palestinian Authority, to foster a “murder incentive fund”, to provide financial gratuities to those who murder Jews and their families.

Some people say that this is a Nazi  idea.

Yet historians of Nazi Germany  find no instance in which a Nazi was actually honored for murdering a Jew.

The Nazis kept their policy of murder under the radar,

Yet the PA, in its official publications, tells the world that it will pay anyone who murders a Jew and also remunerate the killer’s family with generous funds for life.

This abrogation of justice must stop.

No nation in the world would allow any entity to award those who murder their citizen.

This week,  policy makers  of  Israel are  forming new guidelines for the government of Israel

This is the time to bring pressure on the new government to adopt a clear guideline for government policy: The PA must disband its murder incentive fund. The demand must be that  the PA cease and desist from payments to anyone convicted in the act of murder or attempted murder of an Israeli citizen.

When a US President,  an EU official or an Israeli peace activist asks that Israel provide  humanitarian aid to the PA, the Israeli government can shoot back with the question: Since when does rewarding someone for an act of murder constitute  “humanitarian assistance”?

Picture of  a smiling Maher al-Hashlamon as he was convicted of the murder of Dalya Lemkus
Picture of  a smiling Maher al-Hashlamon as he was convicted of the murder of Dalya Lemkus
Dalya Lemkus, murdered by Maher al-Hashlamon
Dalya Lemkus, murdered by Maher al-Hashlamon