The spokesman of Hamas Movement, Husam Badran, hailed the stabbing operation in Occupied Jerusalem on Sunday.

In a press statement, Badran said the new stabbing operation has new messages as it coincided with the anniversary of the martyrdom of the minor Mohammad Abu Khdair who was burned to death by extremist Jewish settlers in Occupied Jerusalem.

Badran said the operation, which was carried out near Damascus gate in Occupied Jerusalem, by the 18-year-old Yasser Yasin Tarweh, was a very brave one. Especially that it was carried out in a location crowded with Israeli forces and policemen.

Badran added it sends a resistance message to Israel that the Palestinian youth is capable of resisting and challenging the Israeli occupation.

The Hamas spokesman opined that carrying out two operations, the stabbing and shooting, within 48 hours is a great national achievement in the West Bank which suffers Israeli tightened security measures in light of the escalation of security coordination between Israeli forces and Palestinian Authority forces.