Dear friends,

I did not intend to post today, but – as has happened before – I realized that I must.

Yesterday, I wrote about Sheikh Mohammad Abu Rajab, who, during a sermon in the Al Abrar Mosque in Rafah, Gaza, demonstrated the way to stab a Jew. I knew there was a video of his “sermon,” but it seemed to be unavailable – I couldn’t access it and so put up a still photo. Bad enough, to see a member of the Muslim “clergy” brandishing a knife from the pulpit.

Now I have located the video, which comes from MEMRI. It was broadcast via Internet, and Abu Rajab himself makes note of this, because the message goes far and wide this way. Internet, and social media, have been used extensively in inciting during the current violence.

Here is the video from MEMRI.

I truly hope you can access it. I watched it, not once, but twice. I was stunned and shaken, for the hatred he expresses is so obscene.

You must watch it to the end, my friends, to understand what we are dealing with.


And then, do your part for Israel: make sure this goes viral. Send this short posting to everyone. Or simply duplicate the URL for the cleric’s “sermon” and put it out, to everyone on your list, and on your Facebook pages and your websites. Put it out on lists for discussion groups. Include your own brief comment telling people that this is what Israel is dealing with and asking them to spread the word. Do EVERYTHING you can to make certain that millions in America see it. This not only educates people to our reality, it refutes the horrendous lies being told about us.


There were more, and worse, attacks today. See: . There are calls for the attackers to come out in groups to be more effective. We have at least two people in critical condition, fighting for their lives. The attackers aim for their chests and their throats.


And so what do I read?

Security Minister Gilad Erdan is thinking that we might refuse to return terrorists’ bodies.

That will really stop them.

The security cabinet on Sunday discussed possible legal measures to outlaw the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel for incitement to violence.

That’s it? “Possible” measures? “A senior official in Jerusalem said following Sunday night’s meeting that the ministers would continue their debate on the issue in the coming days.”

And worst: At a meeting of the Likud faction today, Netanyahu said: “We will complete the surrounding of the State of Israel’s borders with security fences.”

No! This is not an announcement that demonstrates needed strength. Strength is the only thing they understand.


Just in case you imagine that it is only the radical jihadists in Gaza that are supporting terror, I share this as well – which also needs to be publicized widely (emphasis added):

The Palestinian Bar Association — which receives major funding from the United Nations and European Union — has decided to award an honorary law degree to Muhammad Halabi, the 19-year-old Palestinian [Arab] law student who stabbed two Israelis to death in Jerusalem’s Old City on Oct. 3 before being killed by Israeli security forces, according to a report published by the Middle East Media Research Institute on Sunday.

“The Palestinian Bar Association decided in its meeting today [Oct. 10] to award an honorary law degree to the martyred hero Muhammad Halabi and to hold its next [bar] swearing-in ceremony in [his] honor,” a Palestinian Bar Association statement said.”


With it all, I will end with good news, as I have been doing now. I told a reader last night that there is always good news, if we look for it. So much for Israel to be proud of, day in and day out. With all that is done to us, and all that we are defamed, we truly are a blessing to the world. And these blessing too should be shared widely:

Here I share a link to an extensive article by David Hazony in The Tower, “How Israel Is Solving the Global Water Crisis.” (emphasis added):

“Israel could not have made the desert bloom without its incredible innovations in water technology. As the world becomes more aware of the importance of conserving water, they are turning to Israel for exports and expertise.”

Credit: Yonaton Sindel/Flash 90


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