• On June 30 and July 1, 2016, towards the end of the Muslim religious month of Ramadan, there was series of stabbing and shooting attacks in which two Israelis were killed: a drive-by shooting attack on Route 60, south of Hebron (July 1); a stabbing attack in Kiryat Arba where a 13 year-old girl was murdered in her sleep (June 30); and two stabbing attacks in Hebron (June 30 and July 1)
  • In As in the previous wave of terrorist attacks, the Hebron region was the focal point for attacks and a base for attackers. Five days before the attack in Kiryat Arba on June 30, the Palestinian terrorist who carried it out posted a notice to his Facebook page hinting he planned a terrorist attack in which he would sacrifice himself. In response to the drive-by shooting attack on July 1, a closure was imposed on the entire Hebron region in order to apprehend the terrorist squad responsible.
  • In Additional details were recently made public about the shooting attack at the Sarona Market in the heart of Tel Aviv (June 8, 2016), where Palestinian terrorists killed four Israeli civilians. Investigation of the attack revealed it was inspired by ISIS, whose ideology influenced one of the terrorists during his studies in Jordan. The terrorists’ initial intention was to carry out a shooting attack in a train, but because of security precautions at the station they changed their plans and took a taxi to Tel Aviv, arriving by chance at the Sarona Market commercial complex.

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