Hardly a day goes by when we are not bombarded with what has become infallible dogma from befuddled politicians, media and others who either wish we were not here anymore or are just mouthing politically correct slogans.

It is important to get this subject into some sort of perspective and strip away all the myths, misconceptions and plain old lies which seem to have multiplied as time goes by. In the complete absence of any semblance of historical veracity or current logic the repeated repetition of worn out ideas fulfills no discernible purpose. Given the total detachment from reality on the ground displayed by the multitude of international self-proclaimed experts who usually think they know what is best for us, it could well be a useful exercise to clarify some home truths.

These can basically be divided into two main subjects. First the legal facts as they pertain to another Palestinian Arab State and second some recent surprising developments which the media in general prefers to ignore.

One of the most revealing factors when this subject is reported is the complete absence of anything which might somehow negate the generally accepted narrative. In this respect we are faced with George Orwell’s version of double speak. In other words the agenda that the progressives of this world have set in place must be adhered to at all costs even if that means denying verifiable lies and assertions. It also means that those who dare to challenge the infallible and politically correct dogmas run the risk of being demonized, ridiculed and ostracized.

It is vital to understand that there has never been an Arab Palestinian independent country. There never was an ancient Palestinian-Arab nation. Arabs first arrived in the land of Israel/Judea with the Muslim invasion in 637 CE. Arabs first identified themselves as “Palestinians” in the 20th century, after the Six Day War. Claiming a 5,000 year old Palestinian nation is a historical lie. Nevertheless historical lies are trotted out on a daily basis. Just look at this bare-faced piece of revisionist history which the rest of the world prefers to ignore.


The legally binding San Remo Agreement approved Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria. In 1947 the UN, contradicting an internationally binding document, suggested partition of the mandated territory something which the Jews accepted and the Arabs (not for the last and only time) rejected. In 1948 and numerous times since then the Arabs resorted to terror and war in order to eliminate the Jewish State. Note that prior to 1967 there was never any mention of two States for two people simply because the aim was (and still is) the disappearance of Israel. There have been endless opportunities to establish an Arab Palestinian State since 1947, every one of them rejected by the very people allegedly yearning for one. If ever there was a confidence trick for which the craven international community has fallen for, this is it.

Enter the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan which is a key component in this ongoing farce. From 1948 to 1967 this British artificially created country illegally occupied what is erroneously termed the “West Bank” and half of Jerusalem. During that period Jews were prohibited from worshipping at the Western Wall and in fact all trace of Jews, dead or alive, was eradicated. During this period there was neither a desire whatsoever to create a Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its Capital, nor indeed had the fictitious Palestinians been invented. Jordan appointed itself as the guardians of the Islamic Holy places and treated the occupied part of Jerusalem as a neglected backwater of no special significance. Post 1967 witnessed the beginning of the most successful confidence trick in history when Arafat and friends wrote the Jews out of history and promoted the lie of a Palestinian 5,000 years yearning for a State in place of Israel. To add insult to injury the Jordanians still continue to claim themselves the guardians of religious freedom and together with Abbas peddle nonsensical resolutions at international forums which write Jews and Judaism out of any connection to places which are so obviously an integral part of our history.

In a nutshell therefore given international agreements and Arab rejections thereof, no legal basis for the creation of another failed State on territory allocated to Jewish settlement should be contemplated.

Now, some rather telling recent developments which reinforce the argument that the much touted second State already exists. For those who cannot and will not accept reality there may be disquieting moments in store because things are occurring which in the not too distant future will undermine previously held beliefs.

First and foremost the Palestinian Authority is sinking under the weight of nepotism, corruption, mismanagement and tribal infighting.

Some donor countries are slowly waking up to the belated realization that their aid is being hijacked for nefarious purposes such as paying pensions to terrorists and their families and the aggrandizement of a few while the masses and refugees suffer deliberate neglect and deprivation.

Second, demographically Jordan has in effect already become the long “lost” Arab Palestinian State and in a short while events will make it clear that this is where it is going to be permanently situated.

In a startling yet telling opinion poll it was revealed this week that 46% of Palestinian Arabs support confederation with Jordan rather than the much touted two State idea peddled by all and sundry. In 1988 in what is known as the Fakk al-Irtibat or disengagement (from Judea and Samaria), Jordan officially announced that it no longer considered this territory to be part of the Hashemite Kingdom. In actual fact it hadn’t been part of Jordan since 1967 and prior to that was illegally occupied by them but like so much in the Arab world reality played no part. In 1988 therefore they washed their hands of it and preferred instead to peddle the false notion of a separate Arab State in the midst of Israel. Meanwhile in a speech ignored by most, Abbas admitted that the Jordanians and the “Palestinians” are “one people.” It does not take a genius to thus work out exactly where the solution to the current impasse lies.

The actions and statements of the PA reinforce and prove that yet another failed terror State in our midst is something which cannot be allowed to happen. If further proof was needed it was provided again this week by what occurred in my home town. During the Festival of Tabernacles (Succot) the Mayor of Efrat invited individuals from a neighbouring Arab village to afternoon tea in the Succah of the Mayor. It should be pointed out that at least 70% of this village finds employment in our town and relations are friendly. In other words a model of what could be achieved if the fundamentalists, fanatics and haters were denied a veto. Four brave residents of this Arab village fronted up and partook of the Mayor’s hospitality with mutual exchange of ideas about peace and good will. They had no hesitation in having their photos taken by the media and expressed a sincere desire to live in peace and harmony with Israelis to the mutual benefit of all concerned. So far so good.

Lo and behold as soon as the story broke and they returned to their village they were arrested by security officials of the Palestinian Arab Authority and taken to be “interrogated” by them in Bethlehem. Their alleged crime? Consorting with “child killers” and the enemy according to official statements. This not unsurprising situation dramatically encapsulates and illustrates why a two State solution is pie in the sky nonsense. Anyone who thinks for a moment that the gangsters in charge of any such entity would be prepared to live in peace and tolerance with their Jewish neighbours is suffering from irredeemable hallucinations. Tellingly, those NGO’s which are proudly funded by the New Israel Fund and spend their time shmutzing Israel internationally remained conspicuously silent while these four peace seeking Arab villagers were incarcerated and subject to who knows what indignities. Pressure finally succeeded in having these individuals released but the lessons should be clear.

The bottom line could not be simpler. The establishment of a terror entity in our very midst with half of our Capital in their murderous hands is totally contrary to existing legally binding agreements. It is a life threatening nightmare and a blank cheque for lethal and murderous mayhem against the citizens of the Jewish State. Moreover a ready-made country already exists of which at least 70% consider themselves “Palestinians.”

The sooner the rest of the world and some of our own politicians wise up to the fact that Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria have been and will always be part of the Jewish homeland, the better.

Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel and is J-Wire’s correspondent in the region.

The Two State delusions…writes Michael Kuttner


  1. Just a couple of additions to this excellent and informative article:
    In 1920 (San Remo) there was promise of the re-creation of the Jewish homeland on its ancient site on both sides of the Jordan River – known then as ‘eastern’ and ‘western Palestine In 1922, after Churchill had partitioned off 77% of that land – all of ‘eastern Palestine’ -for Arabs only – all 51 members of the League of Nations unanimously endorsed the remaining 23% – all of today’s territory known as Palestine – for the Jewish state. That international agreement is still legal and binding! Not only did the British fail to facilitate thisthey sided with the Arabs, armed them, and looked aside as Jews were massacred. The Brits also permitted Arab immigration from outlying areas while even refusing to admit Jewish survivors of the Holocaust who reached the shores of their promised haven, sending them back to certain death in Europe. For 2,000 years there had always been a Jewish presence in Palestine; Jews were known as ‘Palestinians’ – a name that the Arabs did not want to use. In 1948, the Jewish population became known as Israelis. Only in the late 60s did the Arabs in the territory assume that identity – for political expediency – since it matches the name of the territory that they wish to falsely claim as the indigenous people. These facts authenticate that there already exists a Palestinian state known as Jordan. This should put to rest the need for another ‘two-state’ solution.


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